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Domingo 01/Febrero/2015
Las páginas que siguen ofreciendo películas gratis en internet Lo cierto es que cada día es más difícil ver una película en internet. Entre unos y otros han conseguido que, lo que debería ser de libre acceso, se haya convertido en un 'via crucis'. Afortunadamente, no todo está perdido... Via: Asociación de Internautas
Boycott Cyanogen/CyanogenMod If Its Anti-Google Rhetoric and Microsoft Funding Continue Summary: Cyanogen, which makes CyanogenMod, has become more of a Microsoft proxy than a real company, just like Nokia after Elop took over BACK in 2013 we wrote that those seeking liberation from Google in Android should turn to Replicant, not CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod never really cared about... Via: Techrights
Marketing Illusions Shattered: Vista 10 is Not ‘Free’ and Not Even a ‘Free’ Upgrade There is no free lunch at Microsoft Summary: The truth about Microsoft’s pricing strategy is revealed almost a fortnight after Microsoft lied about it for the sake of diversionary publicity A couple of weeks ago Microsoft was overwhelmed by bad news, so it launched a propaganda campaign to... Via: Techrights
Crushing Software Patents and Patent Maximalism in the US Still Not the Goal of Political Actors False alarm about “trolls” Summary: The debate about scope of patents in the United States still misguided if at all existent as both Michelle Lee and the GOP obsess over “trolls” OUR morning articles regarding the latest EPO propaganda and regarding EPC 2000 violations... Via: Techrights
Catarina Holtz From the EPO Boards of Appeal Explains Bad Behaviour of the Management With Regards to EPC 2000 Photo from Summary: The violations of rules set forth by the European Patent Convention (EPC) are being discussed by an EPO veteran (now retired) The European Patent Convention (EPC) is being violated by the EPO, as we noted a week ago. Now we have former insiders saying the same thing... Via: Techrights